Yamaha unveils two new soundbars to rival the Sonos Beam Gen 2

Yamaha Dolby Atmos soundbar on wooden unit
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Yamaha has announced two brand new Dolby Atmos soundbars, following its recent return to the market: the SR-B40A bar and wireless subwoofer pairing, and the SR-B30A bar which features a built-in sub. 

The two new soundbars are a step up from Yamaha’s compact SR-C30A and SR-C20A bars, which is reflected in both the size of the units as well as the price. The new SR-B40A bar and sub pairing has an expected retail price of £449, while the SR-B30A bar with built-in sub is expected to sell for £299. We’re currently waiting on US and European pricing and will update this article when we get it.

At £449 (AU$649), the SR-B40A pairing costs about as much as the Sonos Beam Gen 2. However, with a separate dedicated subwoofer, the SR-B40A could offer deeper and more defined low-end.

The SR-B40A bar features four 46mm full-range cones and two 250mm tweeters, producing frequencies ranging from 210Hz to 22Hz. The separate wireless sub features a 160mm cone which extends the bass frequency. The SR-B30A bar features the same full-range cones and tweeters as the SR-B40A, but also includes a built-in 750mm subwoofer which goes as low as 54Hz.

According to Yamaha, their new soundbars provide an immersive sound experience and ‘brilliant sound reproduction’ using their True Sound principle, which is said to maximise the three-dimensional aspects of Dolby Atmos. We’ll make sure to check these claims when we get the units into our test room for review.

The inclusion of Yamaha’s Clear Voice feature is said to make discerning speech easier in a range of languages and the Bass Extension feature hands the user more control over the low-end bass frequencies. Both bars also include four sound modes, movie, stereo, standard, and game, to help match what you’re hearing with what you’re seeing. 

In terms of connectivity, both bars feature optical and HDMI compatibility. Using HDMI-CEC and eARC connections, you can operate basic functions directly from your TV remote. Alternatively, there’s the handy Sound Bar Remote app which allows you to adjust and change volume and sound modes from your phone or tablet. 

Both models will be available from 20th July. 


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    Could you please check your dimensions: a 1600mm bass driver is 1.6m wide (or about 5 feet). You need to remove the last zero from each dimension you 'quote'.