World Cup 2018 to be broadcast in 8K and 4D

The last 12 months have seen some rapid developments in TV technology. And just when we were getting our heads around 4K and HDR, OLED and QLED, it seems a whole new era of TV tech is upon us.

Following on from Samsung's announcement that it would release its first 8K TV this year, news reaches us this morning of plans for a step-change in TV tech,just in time for this summer's football extravaganza.

An innovative start-up has decided to ignore HD and skip 4K, and deliver this year's World Cup in 8K. What's more, 3D is back - but with a twist. The 8K broadcast will be joined by 4D:X technology, promising to put you right in the heart of the big-match atmosphere, complete with wind, rain and the smell of stale beer and manly sweat.

The new company, Unbelievable TV, is promising a complete solution in time for the opening game on 14th June, from delivering the new broadcast feeds to launching the innovative new hardware. Yes, you'll need a new TV.

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The new 8K 4D TV comes in a 55in screen size, the Unbelievable ME55 (£8999), which is set to be available for pre-order soon and is promised to arrive just in time for the opening ceremony. There's also a new set-top box, the ST-0P (£799) and a special 8K, 4D:X compliant digital cable called Unbelievable HDMI (£199). A complete package will be available for £9995, saving £2 (3D glasses not included).

Launching their plans, Unbelievable TV revealed a few more details on how it works: "Every match will be available in glorious 8K 4D, complete with the new H4DR picture technology and 4D:X sound processing. Armchair supporters need no longer miss out on the complete big-match atmosphere, with everything from wind and rain, to irritating fellow supporters and strange smells, now brought to life in your living room thanks to the Unbelievable 8K 4D experience."

The TV is fitted with a hot air and sprinkler system to replicate the weather in the stadium, while the 4D:X technology incorporates a new Smell-O-Vision 2020 chip to deliver the smell of the action.

Unbelievable TV is confident everything will be up and running in time for June, though the set-top box will require a software update, due to arrive in August, to show any other TV channels.

Joe Cox
Content Director

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