Wireworld Series 6
Series 6 collection sees new speaker cables, analogue interconnects and digital audio cables from Wireworld

Wireworld has launched its new Series 6 cables in the UK, all of which utilise the company's new 'DNA' construction technique complete with the copmpany's intriguing sounding Composite Dielectric Technology.

The new range includes five new analogue interconnects, ranging from the most expensive Gold Eclipse 6, which starts at just over £700, to the Silver Eclipse 6, the Eclipse 6, Equinox 6 and the most inexpensive of the new range, the Oasis 6, which retails at around £90 for half a metre.

The new range of six speaker cables follows the same structure, with the most expensive Gold Eclipse 6 retailing at just over £260 for half a metre. At the other end of the scale you'll find the Solstice 6, which retails at £22.

The Series 6 range is finished off with five new digital audio cables: the Gold Starlight 6, the Silver Starlight 6, Starlight 6, Equinox 6 and the Oasis 6.

These digital audio cables range in price from £90 to upwards of £1000 depending on the length of cable required.

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Visit the Wireworld website for more details on the new Series 6 cables.