Wheel by Miniot - the most minimalist turntable ever?

Is this the most minimalist turntable of all time? Quite possibly.

Wheel by Miniot is a wheel that plays records. Everything is built into the platter, including the belt drive, linear tonearm and amplifiers.

It's controlled by the stick in the middle. Turn it to start the record playing, then turn it again to adjust the volume. Tap the top to pause it, or prod the side to skip a track or go back one. What could be simpler?

It works either horizontally or vertically, so can be wall-mounted.

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Inside is an AudioTechnica AT95E cartridge, and a tonearm that's been micro machined out of a single piece of laminated mahogany.

You can hook it up to a set of speakers or headphones, and it will work with wireless systems like Sonos too. Miniot, the company behind the Wheel, is still finalising which wireless systems it will be compatible with, and is to publish a list shortly.

It has smashed its funding goal on Kickstarter, and should ship in October. Prices start at €470 (£400).

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