For some, the main appeal of wireless speakers is being able to take your music on the move with you. But another advantage is being able to add them to your home audio set-up without needing to consider where you'll hide those unruly wires.

To cater for demand for wireless set-ups, British loudspeaker firm Wharfedale has now announced the launch of its new DS-1 desktop active speaker system – complete with aptX Bluetooth to allow you to stream your music from a range of compatible devices.

The DS-1's active design means you won't need any external amplification, with the 19cm-tall cabinet home to a high-performance DSP-based digital amplifier matched to the drivers and its maximum output of 14W offering "room-filling" power.

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A 10cm bass driver and a 20mm tweeter can be found under the cabinet, with the speaker offering a frequency response of 55Hz to 20kHz. It also has a 3.5mm input jack too, in case you still want the option of a wired connection to the DS-1.

Wharfedale says that pairing a Bluetooth-enabled device is a "simple process", and even easier if you have an NFC-capable device. If the device is placed within a few centimetres or gently touched against the DS-1, a connection will be formed. 

The new DS-1 is now available at a suggested retail price of £150.

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'Room Filling Power' Wot?

How small  is the room? Like Alic'e bedrrom must be.