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#WatchOnSky lets you watch and record Sky TV via Twitter

Sky has announced a new tool to be used through Twitter; #WatchOnSky. Sky customers who follow Sky's Twitter account will be able to record or watch Sky TV programmes when they see #WatchOnSky on Tweets.

Users who wish to watch the programme can click 'Watch', this will go through to Sky Go where users can watch the show. Alternatively, a record button is offered, allowing users who've linked their Sky+ box to remotely record programmes.

The Sky+ app already allows users to view a TV guide and set up their Sky+ box to record, while Sky Go lets users watch up to 54 channels on a compatible phone or tablet.

The new Twitter hashtag gives customers another platform through which to watch or record the latest TV shows, sports events and movies.

Sky Twitter accounts that support #WatchOnSky are: @SkySports, @Sky1, @SkyAtlantic, @SkyLivingHD, @SkyArts, @SkyMovies, @SkyHD.

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by Max Langridge

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