There’s something about the Technics brand that provokes a warm feeling of nostalgia from many hi-fi fans. The excitement behind its comeback has been considerable, then, with two new ranges announced at IFA 2014.

There's the Technics Reference Class R1 series starting at £6500, and the Premium Class C700 series from £850, which is what we're looking at here.

The project to resurrect Technics has been overseen by Michiko Ogawa, a former Technics engineer and renowned Japanese jazz pianist.

We’ve got our hands on the SU-C700 stereo amplifier, the £1250 amp that joins with the ST-C700 network player (£850), the SB-C700 speakers (£1200) and SL-C700 CD player (price tbc) in the company’s new Premium range.

With a striking design, it stands out from many of its competitors on the market, but what else is there to know about it? Take a look at our unboxing and first-look video below to find out.

Our first reviews of the Technics SU-C700 amplifier and SB-C700 speakers will be published in the February 2015 issue of What Hi-Fi?, on sale from January 14th.

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Strange decision...

Odd that it has 3 coax inputs but only 1 optical.

Almost every TV has only optical outs, so that's that input used right away.  Then what about Apple TV, Bluesound or Sonos and set-top boxes?  Almost all have optical outputs only.  So it'd make far more sense to have 3 optical and 1 coax.


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Does technics as a brand have

Does technics as a brand have any kudos these days? I think some of it particularly the speakers look like 90's mini systems

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Is technics a premium brand? I remember back in the day it was. Oil but now?

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Already Ordered Mine!

Why would Technics include more optical connections? I think you are missing the point, the whole positioning is based upon hi-fi and music not integration. It is the antithesis of the convenient but ghastly Sonos; who is going to connect this to a TV? That’s what home cinema is for – this is a music system.

As for comments about the speakers looking like a mini-system from the 90s, well, I would be interested in knowing which mini system in particular.  Simple, there is and was none. 

I have already ordered the complete 4 piece C700 system – no, it won’t be connected to my TV, nor to any wireless system nor will it even be my main source for music, I already have an all Meridian system for those tasks even though I have never found any use for an around the home system at least not after the first few weeks of novelty, not even a Meridian one which avoids the compromises and pitfalls of something like Sonos. Instead, I am moving back to local playback, having dedicated systems and the Technics will be for my ‘den’.

The original philosophy of Technics was ‘hi-end’ and originally loudspeakers, it became a victim of its own success that Matsushita wanted to exploit the brand so it became the Panasonic hi-fi brand, with it’s name and heritage diluted by being added to everything including cheap low quality mini-systems, Panasonic is now trying to reassert it’s original brand role, identity and positioning – and so far has done a fantastic job involving Michiko Ogawa, the press coverage following the announcement  of its imminent return has been incredibly positive. My Meridian system cost me nearly twenty times what the Technics will, so there’s your answer as for brand relevance…

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As an update to my post - I have now had it confirmed that the CD player (SL-C700) has a March launch date and will be priced somehwere between £800 - £850. Unlike the other components, no UK price has yet been set and the prices we will pay are slightly different to the Eurozone. Eurozone prices as follows: SL-C700 (CD) €1000; Technics ST-C700 (media player) €1100;  SU-C700(amp) €1400;  SB-C700 (speakers) €1500. In Europe the SU-R1, SE-R1 and SB-R1 have a combined price of €40,000, around 17% cheaper than the UK price.

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only one line input, not a usb A, only one optical input? Have a look at the Rotel rc 1570, that's how it should be

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Are You Serious?

The Rotel RC 1750 is a DAC equipped pre-amp, so is completely the wrong product to benchmark this Technics against, indeed, it is a fatuous comparison. One, I have no idea of the basis or intention behind it.

How many analogue inputs does the typical user now use? Me, absolutely none. CD's are digital. Streamers are digital. Media servers are digital. One of the key recent developments is using a volume controllable DAC as a preamp - there are now literally dozens - and this is the world the Technics is serving, albeit in a slightly different way, although I wouldn't be at all surprised to see a DAC join the line-up.  It has been made clear in all of their promotion and at the launch in September (I was there) this is an amp for the digital age of music replay, indeed, this is a huge part of the decision to relaunch Technics as a brand. 


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I love VU meters.  Amps sound better with them. laugh

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The design of this thing is awful.

Love the VU meters - whether they're actually useful or not is another matter...

But visually, it looks like it's upside down. It's top-heavy and unbalanced. It looks like the designer wanted to make a feature of the volume knob at the expense of everything else.

It's a shame, the design is confused. I understand the attraction of Retro, and Retro done well can be a good thing - but this is just silly.