Virgin Media expands its 3D TV portfolio

Virgin Media

Virgin says its cable TV customers will be able to "enjoy a growing selection of diverse 3D content instantly available at the touch of a button" (provided they have a 3D TV and 3D specs, of course).

The new 3D content, available from today, includes the chance to explore the lost world of the dinosaurs, uncover the secret world of bats and rediscover the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt.

3D documentaries available to XL TV customers only are:

3D Sun – December 23rd

Dinosaurs Alive – December 23rd

Mummies – January 2011

Waking the T-rex: The Story of Sue – January

Siegfried and Roy: The Magic Box – January

The Extreme Nature Bats – February

MicroWorlds – February

3D animations available to all Virgin Media TV customers are:

Xenopod – December 23rd

Curse of Skull Rock – December 23rd

The Mission – January

Voyage to Mars – January

3D movies on demand (pay per view)

The Hole – January 17th

Despicable Me – February

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