Universal Electronics unveils £750 Nevo S70 universal remote

Nevo S70

Naturally, this is no ordinary remote. The "elegant, one-handed design" – this means it's easily held by one hand, not that the design team at Universal Electronics are all missing a limb – boasts a 3.5in colour screen as well as striking good looks.

Claiming the widest array of features in its class, the Nevo S70 has non-line-of -sight control thanks to Z-Wave bi-directional wireless communications.

The long and the short of this is you'll be able to control kit that's inside cabinets or even in other rooms. Traditional IR control is also on board the remote.

The Nevo S70 uses the industry standard 802.11g wireless technology, and offers an extended battery life alongside compatibility with a broad range of AV products.

Working with the NevoConnect NC-50 base station, the remote can also be used to access web-based services to deliver real-time information such as news and sports.

Available from Nevo installers throughout the UK, take a look at the website here for more information on the £750 Nevo S70.