Ultrasone HFI headphones head for the UK

Ultrasone headphones

We've already tested the HFI 2200ULE model (£230), and now there are another five models joining the HFI range, priced from £80-£195.

Ultrasone's HFI models use the company's S-Logic technology, which uses "natural surround sound technology to improve sound quality".

How does this work? Well, Ultrasone claims the S-Logic design pushes sound around your ear using a decentralised driver position, which "makes it appear as though you are listening to speakers metres away".

Sound pressure levels are reduced by 3-4dB to reduce hearing damage. And all HFI headphones use Ultra Low Emission technology (ULE) to produce a low-frequency magnetic field, claimed to be up to four times less than that of rival products.

The Ultrasone range is available now from Amazon at the following prices:

HFI-15G £80

HFI-450 £100

HFI-580 £145

HFI-680 £185

HFI-780 £195

HFI-2200 £230