Tune your hi-fi system to match your room with McIntosh's analogue equaliser

McIntosh MQ112 Environmental Equalizer
(Image credit: McIntosh)

No room is ever perfect acoustically, especially at home. Even with sophisticated treatment, most living spaces could benefit from a little help at times. 

With this in mind, McIntosh has introduced a new analogue eight-band stereo equaliser designed to target specific frequencies when the room’s acoustics are off, or a recording sounds flat which can be the case with some older classics. 

McIntosh MQ112 Environmental Equalizer

(Image credit: McIntosh)

The MQ112 Environmental Equalizer allows users to take control over eight crucial frequency bands between 25Hz and 10kHz, offering 12dB of boost or cut. 

It also features a Tilt knob which boosts or cuts treble or bass across the entire frequency range by 6dB. To the left of this, there is an EQ Control to bypass the unit for a quick way to compare your current settings with the unaltered audio signal.

The equaliser features both balanced and unbalanced inputs and outputs and it seems it will be a versatile piece of kit able to integrate into a variety of setups. 

An additional set of outputs allows for even further flexibility, such as connection to separate stereo systems or bi-amping with a single pair of speakers – handy if you have different amplifiers you like A-B’ing between.

The MQ112 is distinctly McIntosh, sporting the company’s classic green and black design, and it features an illuminated logo along with aluminium-capped rotary knobs.

The MQ112 Environmental Equalizer will be available later this month for £3745 / €3990 / $3000.


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  • ErnieM
    What Hi-Fi? said:
    With control over eight frequency bands, the MQ112 EQ can help tailor your sound to any listening space.

    Tune your hi-fi system to match your room with McIntosh's analogue equaliser : Read more
    A comparison between this pricey Mac to the half-priced Schiit Loki Max, which sports bands centered at 6k and 16k instead of just 10k, is in order. Thanks.
  • edcpadam
    Isn't this just a graphic equaliser, with knobs on (literally!)? One of the items we've been told by the hifi press for years that we should never have because ... oh , I don't know...distorts the original signal....adds..takes away...etc..etc...

    Just sounds like more shit that we don't need but someone , somewhere, wants us to buy one. No, thank you.