Toshiba BDX5300KB
Two 2D models and a pair of 3D players form Toshiba's 2012 Blu-ray line-up, prices from £69

While TVs were high on the agenda today, with Toshiba unveiling a substantial line-up, the company has also announced a quartet of new Blu-ray players at its 2012 launch:

• BDX1300KB £69Standard 2D Blu-ray deck

• BDX3300KB £89'Smart' 2D Blu-ray deck

• BDX4300KB £89Entry-level 3D BD deck

BDX5300KB (pictured) £109• 'Smart' 3D BD deck

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All the above models feature 1080p Blu-ray playback, 1080p upscaling, HD audio decoding and DLNA certification. They're all due to hit stores in April.

The 'Smart' players boast additional functionality including online services such as YouTube, iPlayer, Picase and Acetax movie-streaming, as well as built-in wi-fi and MKV file support.

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