THX and Summit Wireless to advance wireless hi-res home cinema

THX and Summit Wireless to advance wireless hi-res home cinema

Audio brand THX has partnered with Summit Wireless Technologies, who is behind the WISA (Wireless Speaker Audio Association) standard, to launch hi-res wireless home entertainment products.

The partnership sees THX join the WiSA program alongside the likes of B&O, Harman, LG, Samsung and Xbox, with its first WiSA-Certified products slated for launch later this year.

WiSA technology prides itself on being able to deliver wireless, hi-res (24-bit), multi-channel (up to 8 channels) audio. It supports Dolby Atmos and DTS:X formats and claims to offer 20 times better latency than Bluetooth or standard wi-fi technology. 

It can be found in B&O’s top-ranging BeoLab 50 and 90 speakers and Harman Kardon’s Citation speakers, for example. Fingers crossed that the forthcoming products by THX and Summit offer appealing kit at appealing prices. 

With a particular focus on gaming, the two companies will develop AV products – home cinema speakers and soundbars, say – that are ‘Approved By THX’. This new certification program will guide manufacturers in delivering ‘key components’ that will allegedly ‘accelerate product development and time to market while minimising the testing costs and engineering cycles necessary to achieve products that meet THX standards’.


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