THX and i-BLADES unite for sound-improving phone cases

THX, better known for cinema certifications (and that iconic sound effect), and i-BLADES (maker of 'intelligent' modular smartphone cases) have teamed up at CES 2018 to bring users the "purest quality audio experience" - they've integrated THX's Achromatic Audio Amplifier (THX AAA) technology into a phone case.

According to the inventors, THX AAA "reduces harmonic, intermodulation and crossover distortion by 20-40 dB, to guarantee a realistic and fatigue-free listening experience".

i-BLADES' smartcases, meanwhile, are currently only available for Samsung phones like the Note 8 - although versions for the current generation of iPhones will apparently be available in early 2018.

This case can also give your phones added features like checking air purity or more memory. but by no means is it the only product to offer better sound from your smartphone. Some cases have dedicated speakers built in and claim greater audio quality, while Arcam's MusicBoost S from 2016 was a very capable portable headphone amplifier, DAC and battery pack.

While no price is confirmed yet, other smartcases from the company come in between $80 (£60) and $110 (£80), so we expect a similar tag on this upcoming product.


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