These stunning Focal headphones are £450 off, but time is running out to grab a pair

Focal Elegia
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Among all the deals we saw during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday periods, few came close to this pair of stunners. If you're searching for premium headphones without the premium price tag, the Focal Elegia represent an astonishing deal, plummeting from their original test price of £799 to just £349 at Sevenoaks. That is a saving of £450 on some serious headphone pedigree. 

They're not the only Focal cans which benefited from a major cut. The more premium Focal Clear Mg also got in on the action, dropping from an original tag of £1299 to just £999 at Sevenoaks, a hefty savings of £300 on some five-star belters. 

These deals surely won't last, though. We saw both models drop thanks to the November sales period, but given how discounted they are and the fact that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over, this really might be your last chance to save big.  

Focal Elegia was £799now £349 (save £450)

Focal Elegia was £799 now £349 (save £450)
We're astonished that a pair of headphones are enjoying such a massive discount, so this could mean that the Elegia, which are now a few years old, are nearing the end of their lifespan. If that's the case, it could be time to snap up a pair of the Focal Elegia at the lowest price they've ever been, and probably the lowest price they ever will be. 

Focal Clear Mg was £1299now £999 at Sevenoaks (save £300)Five stars

Focal Clear Mg was £1299 now £999 at Sevenoaks (save £300)
They aren't enjoying quite the same astronomical price drop as their high-end siblings, but even so, this is a pretty major saving on some very fine headphones indeed. A five-star pair of premium performers, the Focal Clear MG are as expressive and entertaining as they are comfortable and well-made. They're also, as you can probably sense, stunning to look at.
Five stars

There's no point forking out what is still a significant chunk of cash on a pair of heavily discounted cans if they aren't up to scratch, but such fears can be allayed with the Focal Elegia, as they're a gorgeously made pair of headphones which, thanks to their superb design and high-end feel, are a delight to hold, wear and admire. 

It's the same story with the Clear Mg, except even more so. If the Elegia are sophisticated and refined, the Clear Mg have extra layers of lavish, premium styling to make them stand out from the crowd. Sonically, the heavily discounted Bathys are wonderfully sophisticated and refined, giving your music a wide, expansive soundscape in which to breathe, while the Clear MG set themselves apart with their expressive and entertaining profile that truly gets to the heart of the music being played. Two rather different approaches, but both are sure to delight. 

If you told us that our Focal Elegia test pair were going to retail at £349, we'd simply not have believed you, making the chance to grab them at Sevenoaks feel like one of the deals of the year. As for the Focal Clear Mg, these are truly special five-star performers which, while not discounted as heavily as the Elegia, are well worth checking out thanks to that £300 drop. 


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