The AVID Acutus Dark Iron is the company's first new turntable in six years

AVID Acutus Dark Iron
(Image credit: AVID)

AVID has announced its first new turntable in six years, the new Acutus Dark Iron.

Introduced as a direct replacement for its predecessor, the Acutus Dark Limited Edition, it is the first to benefit from AVID’s new integrated motor design, which sees the motor coupled to the main chassis. 

There’s also a brand new finish too, with a new darker ‘sparkling iron’ colour that significantly reduces the cost compared with the labour-intensive chrome-finish on other Acutus models.

As for performance, the new high-torque AC synchronous motor promises a tenfold increase in power over competitor turntables, improving control and stability, maintaining correct drive-belt alignment and eliminating any speed-related issues.

Using twin round-section drive belts, the Acutus Dark Iron design also allows free suspension movement without any speed fluctuations, while the power supply employs DSP technology to independently generate frequency and ensure precise speed adjustment.

It also features an 80 VA mains transformer, to work as an integrated amplifier tailored for the deck’s high-torque motor.

Up top, the turntable features a hefty 10kg aluminium platter, topped with a 10mm damping disc and a felt-composite mat, with the option of upgrading to a resin option if preferred.

The platter then sits on an inverted bearing design to lower the centre of gravity, also helping to eliminate lateral movement and rumble noise. A self-lubricating sleeve ensures silent, maintenance-free operation. 

The turntable comes with a single-action clamp that’s precision-machined from solid aluminium, and which channels vibrations to the sub-chassis to reduce noise. Once again, AVID offers a dual-operation upgrade for those wanting the very best from their turntable, which offers greater control over varying record thickness, eliminating warps and air pockets for a seamless record-platter connection.

Finally, the Acutus Dark Iron’s one-piece multi-fold aluminium casting offers strength with controlled movement. Coated with damping media, it neutralises vibrations, further ensuring a linear and time-sensitive sound response. 

So how much does all that precision engineering set you back? The AVID Acutus Dark Iron is available now for £10,000 / $13,000 / €12,000, with the mat and clamp upgrade taking that up a little more to £12,950 / $17,000 / €15,000. 


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