Teufel introduces new surround sound speaker packages

Teufel Columa 300R

The Columa systems, as you might expect, use floorstanding column speakers with aluminium cabinets, replace the company's Concept S and Concept S+R models, and are available in a variety of configurations.

The Columa 300 comes in three versions, with each speaker using a 19mm mesh dome tweeter and two 7cm mid/bass drivers. Each system combines four column speakers with a dedicated centre speaker and a 180W active subwoofer.

The 'S' set uses four short columns, designed for use freestanding or wall-mounted, and sells for £489, the 'L' set uses four longer freestanding columns at £569, and the 'M' set uses the long columns for the front left and right speakers, and the shorter ones for the rears. It sells for £529.

The Columa 300R range has a 5x50W AV receiver built into the subwoofer, with an external control panel, seven inputs, Dolby/DTS decoder and AM/FM tuner. It's available in the same configurations as the Columa 300: the 'S' set is £699, the 'M' £749 and the 'L' £769.

The systems are available direct from Teufel's website, with free shipping until the end of January. All Teufel products come with an eight-week return policy, enabling buyers to try them at home, and receive a full refund if not satisfied.

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