The Technics SL-1200G turntable will cost $4000

We first caught a glimpse of a new Technics turntable during IFA 2015, but then it was just a shell of a deck. Now, all the pieces are in place, and we have to say things are looking very promising.

The SL-1200G is the cherry on top of Technics' high-end Grand Class G30 range of hi-fi separates. The model name is a nod to Technics history and its iconic SL-1200 range which spawned the classic SL-1210 deck.

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It's due out this summer - but it won't be cheap, with Technics telling What Hi-Fi? it will cost around $4000. The previous Technics decks would retail for around £1200, but Technics says this new deck is completely redesigned and, naturally, a real jump in performance.

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Panasonic claims the new deck uses a number of unique features designed to keep vibrations of the motor and any changes in rotational speed in check.

For example, the new deck uses a new 'coreless' direct drive motor which works with high-precision rotary positioning sensors to help reduce any unwanted interference.

The new turntable also features a four-layered cabinet construction, which includes a 10mm thick aluminium top panel.

There's also a 50th anniversary special edition in the offing, the SL-1200GAE, which features a slightly different finish, limited serial number platter and a magnesium tonearm (as opposed to aluminium on the standard model). This model will be limited to 1200 pieces.

Technics Grand Class SL-1200 will go on sale in summer 2016.

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