Tannoy TS subwoofer
New TS models gain new cabinets, new electronics and a range of new features

New from Tannoy is a trio of subwoofers the company is calling its 'most flexible to date' – there's one hidden away beside the rack in our picture!

The £400 TS-801, £500 TS-1001 and £600 TS-1201 gain new cabinets, new electronics and features including speaker-level inputs and a top-mounted control panel with LCD display.

They use BASH amplification, digital crossovers and long-throw forward-firing drive units, while a tracking switch-mode power supply helps complete a package designed to give substantial performance gains over the previous models.

All the subs have variable gain, roll-off and phase controls, single-point parametric equalisation from 20Hz up with +/-6dB variable Q, a shelf filter to tailor the response to room size, and a choice of three EQ presets – Audio, Video and Night.

The TS-801 uses a 200W amp and a 20cm driver, the TS1001 has 300W and 25cm, and the TS-1201 500W and a 30cm bass unit.


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Common problem with Tannoy TS1001 and TS801

The fuse of my TS1001 blew, because the MosFET IRF740, another IC, and the transformer were shorted.

Called Tannoy who were not helpful and asked me to get to their authorised reseller/agent, as you cannot purchase parts directly from Tannoy. The agent obviously added a mark-up on the part.

Cutting long story short, I purchased the amplifier board for a TS801 to fit in my TS1001 because the BASH amplifier for TS1001 is no longer available/manufactured. The sizes of the amplifier plate were similar although the TS801 is 200W with 8" driver and the TS1001 is 300W with 10" driver.

I am now using a 200W amplifier with my TS1001 (Works well with the 10" driver).