Tannoy launches its 'most flexible subwoofers'

Tannoy TS subwoofer

The £400 TS-801, £500 TS-1001 and £600 TS-1201 gain new cabinets, new electronics and features including speaker-level inputs and a top-mounted control panel with LCD display.

They use BASH amplification, digital crossovers and long-throw forward-firing drive units, while a tracking switch-mode power supply helps complete a package designed to give substantial performance gains over the previous models.

All the subs have variable gain, roll-off and phase controls, single-point parametric equalisation from 20Hz up with +/-6dB variable Q, a shelf filter to tailor the response to room size, and a choice of three EQ presets – Audio, Video and Night.

The TS-801 uses a 200W amp and a 20cm driver, the TS1001 has 300W and 25cm, and the TS-1201 500W and a 30cm bass unit.