SVS named 'exclusive subwoofer brand' by Essence Electrostatic Speaker Systems

The SVS SB-1000 and SB-1000 subwoofers - available in both gloss white and black ash - are the products in question, along with the gloss black SB-13 Ultra sealed subwoofer. All are now available to buy online from Essence.

Bob Rapoport, vice president of sales and marketing for Essence Electrostatic, said: "After conducting exhaustive research on every subwoofer brand we could think of, it became clear that SVS sealed subs were more articulate, musical and transparent than any others we tested.

"We call the Essence Electrostatic speakers the 'ultimate listening experience' because they are capable of producing a palpably realistic stereo image, something that's easy to hear and gives you the goosies. SVS sealed subswoofers will only enhance this experience."

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Electrostatic speakers comprise a thin membrane - or diaphragm - coated with a conductive material, which is held between two electrically conductive grids called "stators". When an audio signal is sent to the stators, the electrostatic charges push and pull the diaphragm, moving the air and creating sound waves. However, electrostatic speakers are said to produce underwhelming bass, with the addition of a subwoofer able to assist with that.

SVS sealed subwoofers feature Class D amplifiers with custom digital signal processing (DSP). Sealed subs are designed to offer "cleaner, tighter bass than ported models, with heightened musicality, articulation and transient response", with SVS claiming such products that it makes are able to work with both electrostatic and traditional speakers.

More details on the Essence Electrostatic speakers and the complementing SVS subwoofers can now be found on the Essence website.

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