Spotify is now the exclusive audio provider of Delta's in-flight entertainment

Spotify is now the exclusive audio provider of Delta's in-flight entertainment
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Spotify has inked a deal with Delta Air Lines to become the exclusive provider of audio content for its in-flight entertainment system. But it doesn't give you the entire Spotify library – only select music and podcasts are available through the seat-back system.

It's not entirely clear how it will work. Will non-Spotify members need to sign up in order to listen? And will there still be ads for non-Premium members? We've asked Spotify and will update this when we get a response.

What we do know is that the service will be free for all passengers, and it will include "specially curated" versions of Spotify's most popular playlists (i.e. mixtapes created by the bods at Spotify), along with 42 podcast series. 

If you want to listen to the full Spotify library, you'll need your phone and a wi-fi or data connection. You can also download content to your device before you fly for offline listening in the air.

Spotify promises the in-flight content will be updated regularly, so hopefully you'll find something new to listen to each time you fly.


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  • bristollinnet
    On the few occasions I've flown transatlantic with Delta in the last 10 years or so (n = 3), they've been decidedly below average in pretty much every aspect of the user experience (including in-flight entertainment), at least from my perspective in 'cattle class'.

    Their customer satisfaction has (supposedly) improved in the last couple of years, and maybe this is a small sign they're taking in-flight entertainment a tiny bit more seriously. Any change to the headphone/ear-buds they'll routinely offer if you forget to take your own?