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Spotify could launch its own podcast subscription service this week

Spotify could launch its own podcast subscription service this week
(Image credit: Spotify)

Last week Apple announced its new podcast subscription service, and Spotify could be about to follow suit. In fact, according to sources speaking to The Wall Street Journal, it could launch as soon as this week.

The service will allegedly allow those creating the podcasts to set their own prices, but unlike Apple, Spotify won't charge a fee or take a cut of each membership.

Crucially, payment could also work a bit differently to Apple's service. Sign up through Spotify's iOS app, and you will be re-routed to a website to complete the transaction, instead of Apple's App Store, as is customary. This would deny Apple its usual cut of in-app purchases.

It's likely Apple wouldn't take kindly to this approach – when Epic Games tried the same thing with its hugely successful game Fortnite, Apple kicked it off the App Store (that legal case is due to start next week).

Spotify hasn't confirmed the plans, but its advertising business officer Dawn Ostroff has previously said there is "room for everybody" in podcasting.

Apple announced last week that it would let podcasters charge subscribers to listen. As well as setting the price, podcasters can decide what extras (if any) you get for paying – examples include bonus content, early access, and ad-free shows. Free trials and sample episodes are also options.

Apple's service launches next month.

Audio content like podcasts has boomed over the last year, especially during lockdown and Facebook will soon let members listen to podcasts directly through its platform, too.


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