Spinbox is a turntable you build yourself

If you like vinyl, and don't mind a bit of DIY, you'll love the Spinbox record player.

It's a turntable you build yourself. You don't need any complicated tools or any technical knowledge whatsoever - the components connect together inside the carboard box in which it comes, then you slot the platter on top. For a full demo, check out the video below.

The whole thing should be up and running in just 18 minutes.

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It plays records at 45rpm or 33rpm, and can spin 7in, 10in and 12in vinyl. It's powered by your phone charger, which is pretty convenient, and even has its own built-in amplifier and speakers - though we're guessing the sound quality isn't going to blow us away.

Still, it looks like a fun, portable and - hopefully - affordable deck that's guaranteed to be a talking point. And anything that gets more people listening to vinyl is fine by us. Plus you can always connect your own speakers, if you want to use it as your main player.

It should hit Kickstarter soon so, if you're interested, get ready to pledge.

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