Sound+Image Mar-Apr 2022: new issue out now

Issue 344: Sound+Image magazine (Mar-Apr 2022)
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Sound+Image #344 is now on sale, featuring the best of the latest hi-fi and AV releases, in-depth reviews and features, including our complete Buying Guide, fully updated with all the latest Sound+Image Award winners.

Issue 344: Sound+Image magazine (Mar-Apr 2022)

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Review: Canton Smart 5.1 multichannel amplifier 

Why do you need a hulking great receiver to enjoy surround sound? Canton’s neat little amplifier proves that there is another way.

Group test: 5.1 Speaker Package

Try as soundbars may, they cannot match the true surround sound possibilities offered by 5.1-channel (or more) speaker packages. We listen to six of the best, from $3000 to over $20k.

- Q Acoustics 3050i 5.1 pack
- ELAC Debut 2.0 5.1 pack
- Triangle Borea BR03 5.1 pack
- DALI Oberon 5 5.1 pack
- Dynaudio Evoke 50 5.1 pack
- JBL Synthesis HDI 5.1 pack
- Architectural loudspeakers 

Issue 344: Sound+Image magazine (Mar-Apr 2022)

(Image credit: Sound+Image magazine)


New Series: Dealer System

In this new series, we invite a top hi-fi shop to recommend a top hi-fi system. First up, Brisbane’s The Audio Tailor builds a $9999 streaming system. 

Review: Silent Angel Munich M1 streamer 

Silent Angel has ‘shrunk the hi-fi’, delivering a delightfully dinky streamer with solid performance and an app that never quits.

Review: Klipsch Heresy IV stereo loudspeakers 

Klipsch’s ‘Heritage’ Heresy loudspeaker succeeds on two counts – heresy by name, heresy by deed, and heresy by nature… wait, that’s three counts…

Review: KEF KC62 subwoofer 

How has KEF coaxed such bass from a subwoofer so small? Partly by bending one of the Iron Laws of audio design with a clever new driver structure.

Issue 344: Sound+Image magazine (Mar-Apr 2022)

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Home Cinema Installations

CEDIA Awards 2021

We’re delighted to reveal in all their glory the finalists and winners of the home cinema categories in CEDIA’s Asia-Pacific Awards.

Total Upgrade

This multipurpose Western Australian cinema room goes from 65-inch TV to 4K projection, from 5.1.4 sound to 7.2.4... and from plain white walls to designer decor, thanks to Rogue Home Cinema.

Issue 344: Sound+Image magazine (Mar-Apr 2022)

(Image credit: Sound+Image magazine)

Buying Guide

Refreshed with our latest award-winners, our Buying Guide brings you the best you can buy, with every one a winner...

- Projectors
- Streaming music players
- Systems & wireless speakers
- CD players & DACs
- Headphone
- Amplifiers
- Soundbars
- Subwoofers
- Loudspeaker
- Turntables
& more!

As always the mag is packed with news, views, music and movies. 

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