Owners of 2010 Sony TVs afflicted by BBC Freeview HD audio problems can now get a firmware upgrade to fix the issue

Sony has released a firmware upgrade for its 2010 TVs afflicted by audio dropout on the BBC's HD channels, issuing this statement on its website:

"As some of you may be aware, the update has now been implemented for the 2010 models that are connected to the internet and will update automatically if left in standby.

"However it may take several days for the TV to collect all the data before implementing the firmware. It does not give any information once completed, so please check for the latest version which will be displayed as follows:   PKG4.104*** or PKG5.041***   "USB updates will also be available [for those sets not connected to the internet], before the end of June; we will update the forum once this is available."   An update for Sony's 2011 models will follow "once available".

For more background on this issue, which has also affected Samsung and Toshiba sets, read our previous news story.

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