Sonos Trueplay update now available for download

We've already had some experience of Trueplay during our recent review of the brand new Sonos Play:5. It's built into the Sonos app and helps to optimise the sound of any Sonos wireless speaker.

The software uses the mic in your Apple iPhone or iPad (Android support isn't available just yet) to measure a tone fired out by the speaker - Trueplay does the number-crunching and tweaks the sound to suit your speaker's positioning.

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Marc Whitten, Sonos Chief Product Officer said, "Trueplay is a major step in Sonos's mission to bring music fans a great experience at home without compromises."

Besides the new (and old) Play:5, Trueplay is available across all Sonos Play:1 and Play:3 speakers. There's no word on Playbar support at the moment, but the press release states Trueplay "will continue to be added to more of the Sonos lineup over time."

Once you've updated your software, you can access Trueplay by selecting 'Room Settings' in the Sonos iOS app.

Sonos has also confirmed the update also includes its recently announced BBC Radio fix, which offers support for HLS streaming and improved BBC Radio audio quality.

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