Sonos Move update means Auto TruePlay now works over Bluetooth

Sonos Move gets Auto TruePlay update to work over Bluetooth
(Image credit: Sonos)

The Sonos Move is receiving a firmware update to enhance its Auto TruePlay calibration feature, bringing it in-line with the improved version that has been introduced by the just-announced Sonos Roam portable speaker.

Sonos' Auto TruePlay calibration technology, which debuted in the Move, uses the speaker's microphones to automatically measure the frequency response of its surroundings and optimise sound quality accordingly, whenever the speaker is placed in a new location. This feature has required a wi-fi network, meaning it can only self-calibrate outdoors when within range of your home network, but now, courtesy of this new update, this process can work over a Bluetooth connection too – as it also can with the Roam.

Given the portability of both the Move and Roam – the fact they're likely to be placed on different surfaces and in different environments, rather than just stationary in one place – Auto TruePlay is a worthwhile feature. We were impressed with the results during our testing of the Move: "We move from our soundproofed test room to a noisy office environment and outdoors. The speaker’s real-world transformation is audible, the Move never sounding out of place once it reconfigures itself. When outside, there’s a definite sense of the Move’s sonic presentation opening up while retaining the clarity and balance of its indoor performance, which is typically Sonos."

The fact it can now work over Bluetooth gives owners an optimised audio experience in places they may not have been able to before, such as the bottom of their garden or out in the park – providing it works just as effectively as it does over wi-fi.


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