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The speakers come in absolute black and pristine white, and promise a soft matte finish. There will be 5000 speakers in each colour.

The Sonos Play:1 speakers have sold by the bucketload thanks to the growing popularity of multi-room wireless speakers and the dominance of Sonos in the category.

Now Sonos wants to tempt you to spend a little more for a limited edition model: the Play:1 Tone.

Set to go on sale for £220 rather than the standard Play:1 price of £170, the Play:1 Tone speakers come in two new colours and promise a soft matte finish. And that's about it.

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5000 speakers in each colour will go on sale via the Sonos website, with sales starting on Tuesday 21st July at 10am BST. 

Sonos expects to the Play:1 Tone speakers to sell out, so there's a limit of two per household.

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