Sonneteer Morpheus Music Server
3TB Morpheus Music Server now on sale at £2500, in a choice of 12 colours

Sonneteer has just launched its Morpheus Music Server, a 3TB music ripping and storage solution to match its Morpheus Music Centre.

Although the company says the idea is that the server 'rips, stores and sits quietly in the corner whilst all the Morpheus Music centres in the home pull the music to play in the particular room which they reside,' the £2500 unit will be available in a choice of twelve colours at the same price.

Other system units, such as the Music Centre and the remote handset, can be finished to match at extra cost, but in every case the colour is anodised for durability, not just painted on.

The company also says that 'if a customer has a particular request then we are happy to spend some time with them to fully meet their needs.'

The Music Server can be configured as a 3TB drive or 2x1.5TB mirrored, and its slot-loading CD drive can rip to a variety of formats including WAV, FLAC and MP3, or offer dual-mode ripping.

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It's Windows Home Server-based, DLNA compatible, and can be used as a server for all UPnP/DLNA clients, connecting via standard Ethernet or optional Wi-Fi.

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