Sky to launch 3D TV in 2010

The service will be broadcast across Sky's existing high-definition infrastructure and will be available via the current generation of Sky+ HD set-top boxes.

But customers will need a new '3D-ready' TV to watch 3D programmes – such sets are expected to go on sale in the UK sometime next year.

Sky's 3D channel will offer a selection of movies, entertainment and sport in 3D.

The decision to launch a 3D channel follows extensive research and development into the technology. In April the satellite TV company broadcast its first live 3D TV event, a performance by Keane from Abbey Road Studios in London.

And earlier this month Gerry O'Sullivan, BSkyB's Director of Strategic Product Development, confirmed the company was "seriously exploring 3D TV".

Sky has also confirmed, as predicted, the launch of a comprehensive 'pull' video-on-demand service next year. This new service will use Sky's broadband network to deliver films and programmes via the set-top box's interconnect connection. It will complement Sky's existing Anytime 'push' VoD service.