With the season opener in Australia on Sunday 26th March, and with China, Spain, and numerous other countries to follow, Sky Q is your only way to get 4K Ultra HD coverage of Formula 1.

If you're a motor-racing fan, this is the 4K news for you: Sky's dedicated Sports F1 channel will be showing every practice session, qualifying session and race of the new F1 season in Ultra HD quality - provided you have a Sky Q 2TB box, multiscreen subscription and compatible 4K Ultra HD TV (and, if you don't, we have some recommendations).

The broadcaster is showing live coverage of the races, complete with different camera angles, replays and highlights, through Sky Q's split-screen viewing feature.

As Sky announced in March 2016, this is the start of the company's push for more 4K HDR sport, rivaling BT Sport Ultra HD's showing of live football and other sports. It's likely Sky will be seen as the prime provider of live F1 races from 2019 to 2024, when their F1 deal expires.

Races start at 06:00am on Sunday 26th March in Australia, exclusively live on Sky. The rest of Sky's exclusive content is as follows:

  • 9 April, China, Exclusively live
  • 14 May, Spain, Exclusively live
  • 11 June, Canada, Exclusively live
  • 9 July, Austria, Exclusively live
  • 30 July, Hungary, Exclusively live
  • 3 September, Italy, Exclusively live
  • 8 October, Japan, Exclusively live
  • 29 October, Mexico, Exclusively live
  • 12 November, Brazil, Exclusively live

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