Sky Q customers can now bundle Disney Plus into their bill for better experience

Sky Q customers can now bundle Disney Plus into their bill for better experience
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Sky customers wishing to subscribe to Disney Plus can now do so through the Sky Q platform, automatically adding the service's £5.99-per-month subscription cost to their monthly bill.

Sky customers can subscribe to the new House of Mouse video streaming service here or directly through their Sky Q box – just as they have been able to do with Netflix for over a year.

In addition to simplifying the billing process for Sky Q customers who want Disney's catalogue in their lives, ordering the service through Sky promises an improved experience. As is the case with Sky Q users who subscribe to Netflix through the platform, those who purchase Disney Plus through Sky will get a combined TV guide interface that displays side-by-side recommendations of Sky TV and Disney titles in their TV guide, with deeper integration (such as search) to follow.

While the bundling of Netflix into the Sky Q platform in 2018 inspired a new Sky package ('Ultimate On Demand') that combines Netflix and Sky Box Sets for £10 per month, there seems to be no such package deal or discount with Disney Plus... yet, anyway. The service's typical £5.99 monthly subscription cost simply gets added to your Sky bill.

Sky was among the first media platforms in the UK to integrate the Disney Plus app when it went live last month, although it wasn't without its controversy – primarily a lack of 4K and HDR support. 

Sky has confirmed it is "in the process" of updating all compatible Sky Q boxes so that they will be able to stream Disney Plus' 4K titles in UHD "this summer". Support for HDR (High Dynamic Range) in the app will presumably follow when Sky finally updates its Q boxes with the technology later this year.


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