Sky will support Disney Plus 4K content 'this summer'

Sky will support Disney Plus' 4K content 'later this year'
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Earlier this week, Sky Q customers who had subscribed to Disney Plus were disappointed to find that 4K content on the just-launched streaming service was limited to HD playback on the Sky platform. 

The House of Mouse video streaming service launched with over 100 titles in 4K HDR, but unfortunately that superior picture quality cannot be taken advantage of through the Disney Plus app on Sky Q – surprising considering the wealth of 4K content available on the Sky platform, including that from the Netflix catalogue.

However, Sky has confirmed it will be adding Disney Plus content in UHD 'later this year'. And, according to Disney's Help Centre, that looks to be this summer. "Sky is working to update all compatible Sky Q boxes so that customers will be able to enjoy Disney+ in full UHD this summer," it reads. Better late than never, we suppose.

The launch of Disney Plus on Sky Q was always going to be sightly hampered by Sky's lack of HDR support. Sky Q's support for HDR has been delayed time and time again, with the latest news in December slating the update for "late next year [2020] at the earliest". We can only hope that the updates for HDR and 4K Disney Plus app support will arrive at the same time.

Dolby Atmos support on Disney Plus also doesn't seem to be appearing on Sky Q (compatible titles are showing only in 5.1 audio), although we are unsure whether that's due to further current app incompatibility or Disney's current restriction on higher video and audio formats that require streaming bandwidth amid the coronavirus crisis. Disney said: "we have instituted measures to lower bandwidth utilization, and in some circumstances streaming content in HD and UHD formats, including Dolby Atmos audio, will be limited or unavailable."


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