The best 4K movies and TV shows to watch right now


If you've bought a new television in the past couple of years, the chances are it's a 4K TV – which means you have four times the number of pixels at your disposal as previously.

Fill those pixels with information, courtesy of some 4K content, and you're looking at a picture that should be more detailed, more dynamic and more impressive in a 'wow-that-looks-good' way.

4K films and TV shows are now available from Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, iTunes, Netflix, or via the BT Ultra HD, Sky Q or Virgin V6 boxes. Or, for the ultimate picture (and sound) performance, you can get yourself an Ultra HD Blu-ray player and some 4K discs (we think this is better).

But what should you watch? Allow us to offer some guidance with this list of the top Ultra HD films and TV shows available right now.


Blade Runner 2049

Available on iTunes, Sky

The 4K Blu-ray disc is superb but you can also enjoy this update to Blade Runner via iTunes and Sky. 2049 was shot digitally with Arri Alexa XT cameras at 3.4K, receiving a 4K digital intermediate for its theatrical release. We'd lump it into the 'might as well be native 4K' category. It's an image that's high on clarity, with rich, textured colours and terrific black performance.


Available on iTunes

This 2015 thriller stars Emily Blunt and Benicio del Toro and follows an FBI raid on a suspected Mexican cartel safehouse. An excellent soundtrack adds layers of suspense, while expansive shots of the cartel heartland will look great in all their HDR glory.


Available on Netflix

Five scientists walk into an area called Area X – a dangerous, mysterious section of coastal land where the laws of physics have been abandoned.

Alex Garland’s sci-fi-meets-psychological-horror is imbued with a sense of wonder and unease in equal measure. It’s well paced, tense and intelligent, but it’s the mix of horror and stunning visuals that will keep you hooked.

A very pretty film with an unusual atmosphere – definitely worth watching on a big 4K screen with all the lights off.


Available on 4K Blu-ray

If you're a fan of the Deadpool character and the film's sense of humour, the 4K version is absolutely worth watching.

The detail, contrast and colour levels receive a significant uptick compared with Full HD. And if you have compatible equipment, the Dolby Atmos track on the disc adds another dimension.

Ghost in the Shell

Available to watch on Sky Q

Scarlett Johansson leads this visually stunning update of the Ghost in the Shell anime. Mamoru Oshii’s manga adaptation is one of the most celebrated animes ever made, going on to influence countless films and video games.

The Hollywood adaptation is sort of, but not quite, a remake, with lots of borrowed bits and pieces from the Shell canon and the result is a perfectly entertaining film. It's 'remastered in UHD' for Sky Q and also features a Dolby Atmos soundtrack.

Groundhog Day

Available on Netflix and Sky Q

We'd recommend watching pretty much all of Bill Murray's films but, if you're starting afresh, we suggest Groundhog Day as your first stop.

Remastered in 4K, this comedy is built around the strange tradition of a groundhog that predicts the weather for the year ahead. With Murray locked in an endlessly repeating day he is forced to reevaluate his cynical outlook to win over the woman of his dreams.

An excellent script and a strong cast, supported by some brilliant cameos, make for a classic comedy.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2

Available on 4K Blu-ray

4K, HDR and Atmos make the most of this enjoyable entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (even if the first in the series is perhaps the better film).

The disc delivers a bright and colourful picture, with the HDR bringing out the intensity of the vibrant colours. The Atmos soundtrack is nicely judged too, loud and busy without missing a beat.

Die Hard 30th Anniversary​

Available on 4K Blu-ray

One of the greatest action films of the 80s gets a really good 4K presentation, which really grants the film a new lease of life. The 5.1 soundtrack is fine and has all the fireworks you'd expect, even if it would have been interesting to hear what an Atmos or DTS:X soundtrack could have achieved. If you love the film and love 4K, it's a must buy.


Available on Netflix

Netflix has been no slouch when it comes to embracing the latest technology. Not content with plenty of 4K HDR shows and films, it has now added Dolby Atmos soundtracks to its arsenal. Okja was its first 4K Atmos film and is well worthy of the honour.

It's about the battle for control of a new superpig species, with Tilda Swinton playing the slightly unhinged role she does so well.

The Revenant

Available on 4K Blu-ray

At over two and a half hours long, The Revenant is something of an endurance mission. It is fairly slow-paced, with much of the screen-time occupied by Leonardo DiCaprio doing his best to stay alive. But he did win an Oscar for this performance, which was perhaps merited for the hours spent pretending to nearly die in six inches of snow.

However, thanks to an atmospheric soundtrack and interesting cinematography it does make a compelling case for 4K video. And, as one of the more divisive Oscar-nominated pictures of recent years, it's worth watching to make up your own mind.

What Happened, Miss Simone?

Available on Netflix

This feature-length Nina Simone documentary, co-produced by her daughter, features a mix of live performances, interviews and journal excerpts, as it attempts to make sense of a talented soul and her seemingly tumultuous life.

While Simone's lasting musical influence is unquestioned, the life she lived often belied her success, with frequent periods of upheaval and unhappiness.

Nevertheless, her talent shines through - not just as an artist but as an activist, and a brave and successful black woman living through the Civil Rights era.

TV shows

Altered Carbon

Available on Netflix

Roughly 350 years into the future, technology has advanced to the point where, instead of dying, you can simply digitise and upload your consciousness into a brand new body (called a ‘sleeve’) – essentially you live on as an immortal .zip file.

The decadent environs of the central characters contrast with the dystopia of the wider world, giving plenty of scope for dramatic visuals. Special effects splatter the screen throughout, ensuring no end of stimulation for your eyes.

American Gods

Available on Amazon Prime Video

Adapted from Neil Gaiman’s sprawling road-trip novel about old gods and new gods (and lots more in between), American Gods is a visual feast. Dark scenes, daylight scenes, dizzyingly colourful scenes, sleazy neon scenes – each episode is a mash of ideas, themes and effects which use every colour palette available.

It's a shame it’s not in HDR (and there's no 4K Blu-ray), but whether it’s the cool and unfriendly metal interior of Technical Boy’s limo or the bubbling, pastel shades of Easter’s garden party, the picture bursts with colour and depth at every turn.

Better Call Saul

Available on Netflix

One of the many charms of Breaking Bad was the vivid nature of its characters, pivotal and peripheral. The spin-off series, Better Call Saul, tells the backstory of über-shallow attorney Saul Goodman.

The storytelling is fast, tight, dramatic and humorous throughout, and the picture quality – Better Call Saul is shot, scanned, mastered and edited in 4K – is lustrous and superbly detailed. As a demonstration of what 4K can do, you won’t find much better.

Blue Planet II

Available on 4K Blu-ray

Blue Planet II is full of vivid coral reefs, bright and colourful fish, wondrous creatures that change colour, alien-like beasts that look creepy and fascinating at the same time – and they all look fantastic in sharp, clear and vibrant 4K HDR.

A must-watch and a must-buy 4K Blu-ray disc.


Available on Netflix

The first of the Marvel-Netflix collaborations is a world away from the colourful, family-friendly superhero movies. Daredevil is dark – visually and tonally – and brutally violent in a way that’s both thrilling and shocking.

The writing is mature, the characters are compelling and it looks gorgeous. Available in 4K HDR and with Dolby Vision, the dark, gloomy palette and incredible fight scenes look great.


Available on Netflix

If you don’t want to binge another US show and you’ve had your fill of Nordic Noir, you could do a lot worse than Dark, a moody Netflix Originals drama from Germany.

Set in a small German town that appears to be half scary rainforest and half mysterious nuclear power plant, the story centres around a series of disappearances which become eerily familiar to some of the town’s older residents.

The story may be a slow-burner, but throw in dark caves and hidden tunnels, mad professors and mysterious contraptions, and there’s every reason to race through all ten episodes.


Available on Sky Q

If you prefer your gangsters gritty rather than glamorous, Gomorrah might just be for you. Set in Naples (and delivered in Italian with subtitles), this is a TV adaption of the Roberto Savianno book, which exposed life in the Camorra, one of the oldest crime syndicates in Italy, and proved accurate enough to leave the author fearing for his life.

While the plot may be nothing out of the ordinary for the genre, the script, acting performances and overall pacing of the show have elevated the show into the upper echolons of 'must-watch' TV series. There are three seasons on Sky to enjoy.

The Grand Tour

Available on Amazon Prime Video

Armed with a bigger budget and more freedom than they had on the BBC, the former Top Gear trio have found a new home on Amazon.

Now in its second series, The Grand Tour has had a refresh, with segments that didn't work being dropped, and others having returned. The tent even has a home base now.

Production values remain as high as ever, with stunning shots of cars and landscapes looking even more gorgeous in 4K HDR.

Le Mans: Racing is Everything

Available on Amazon Prime Video

The Le Mans 24 Hours is the toughest, oldest and most elite endurance race in the world of motorsports. In this six-episode series, film crews get unprecedented behind-the-scenes access as they follow six of the biggest teams and their high-profile drivers.

It's a fascinating insight into this intensely challenging race that often features accidents and fatalities. And of course, the actual race footage looks impressive in 4K.

The Man in the High Castle

Available on Amazon Prime Video

What would have happened if the Axis powers had won the Second World War? Based on Philip K. Dick’s novel, this series is set in a 1960s USA under the control of Nazi Germany in the east, and the Japanese empire in the west.


Available on Netflix

Based on the FBI's pioneering work around criminal profiling, Mindhunter follows a chalk-and-cheese cop duo as they take on the task of trying to understand a succession of serial killers. To add to the fun, the pair attempt to solve various murder cases along the way.

The show is gently paced, but the injection of some black humour into the main story keeps your interest. A subdued colour palette befitting of the time and Netflix's typical attention to detail in terms of styling makes for an easy to watch show.

Stranger Things

Available on Netflix

Stranger Things ticks all the 1980s Spielberg-era film tropes, but writers/producers/directors Mike and Ross Duffer veer away from saccharine pastiche.

Instead, the brothers deliver a well-written plot that’s as exciting and involving as it is filled with pop culture, sci-fi, horror and nods to 80s music. And there are two series to enjoy.