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Want to know about the films and TV shows we use when testing 4K TVs and home cinema systems? Here's our watch-list...

We test a wide variety of home cinema kit at What Hi-Fi?: from the latest 4K TVs, 4K Blu-ray players and soundbars to projectors, AV receivers and 5.1 surround speaker packages. Naturally, we need a wide variety of video content (in all its formats) to put these products through their paces. 

And while every member on the review team has their favourite disc - nay, their favourite chapter of film - they swear by when testing, we have entire bookcases full of 4K Blu-rays, standard Blu-rays and even - *gasp* - DVDs to test every aspect of a new TV, soundbar or speaker package.

Here is just a selection of those films - in glorious 4K HDR quality, standard Full HD Blu-rays, ones with Dolby Atmos soundtracks and ones without - that we use to test system's picture and surround sound performance. We even have test discs for 3D, while an entire list is devoted to the horror genre and its reliance on sound to send shivers down our spines.

We even break it down to specific scenes - so you can play along at home - and, of course, where would we be without our Netflix or Amazon Prime Video subscriptions these days? It's not just for testing the latest picture technology such as Dolby Vision HDR or how well a 4K stream compares against a 4K disc: we just really love watching TV, as we're sure you do too. From the latest Marvel superhero show to the breathtaking Blue Planet II to binging the always-entertaining The Thick Of It - well, it beats watching Homes Under The Hammer when testing a telly.