There's a new Samsung TV in town this week, but for once the focus isn't on the screen technology or the number of pixels.

The result of a creative partnership between Samsung and design team Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, the Samsung Serif TV is an effort to "redesign TV". 

It's being showcased at this week's London Design Festival - alongside the new KEF Muo - and has been heralded by some design experts as "the most beautiful TV ever". We'll let you make your own minds up.

But it's not just a pretty piece of design. The Serif TV, which goes on sale next month, comes in full HD and 4K resolution models.

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The television is built around an "I-shaped" design - either end of the TV revealing a serif font 'I', hence the name. Wider at the top and bottom, it can either perch on a four-legged stand or support itself with the legs removed.

It certainly breaks the super-slim flatscreen TV mould, with Samsung pointing out the top edge of the TV can double as a mini-shelf. Somewhere to leave the newly-designed remote, maybe?

The back of the TV has a fabric finish which aims to conceal those unsightly connections, while on the inside the TV interface has also been tweaked especially for this model. 

There are three options: Serif TV (40in), Serif TV Medium (32in) and Serif TV Mini (24in). The largest set has a 4K resolution screen while the others are full HD. All three come with Smart TV features and Bluetooth connectivity.

The Serif TV is due to go on sale in the UK, France, Sweden and Denmark on 2nd November.

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AlbaBrown's picture

Is Samsung's new Serif TV the "most beautiful TV ever"?

Q: Is Samsung's new Serif TV the "most beautiful TV ever"?

A: No.

Does lastest Apple iPhone have a "desktop class" processor? No. Not even close.

Is the technology industry being held back by this "designer" bull*hit?..........

Trefor Patten's picture

Most beautiful?

No. That title belongs to the Philips TV which was just a big shaded glass pane. However, I like the 24" Samsung Serif as a 'kitchen' TV. Somehow 'designer' and yet 'homely' at the same time. The bigger models with '70s style legs, though, they are hideous.


johnjay's picture


A long pane of glass with a cue taken from Sonys Monolithic design 2010/11 Bravia range. Then the leaning against the wall bit hmm. Incidently Sonys 'Monolithic' 2012 HX850 leaned back also... Not exactly todays innovation & these were (2013) Philips 1080p LED "minamilist monolithic" niche TVs which only came in 46/55". They cost an arm & a leg. The Ambilight also shined all kinds of colours from the 3 edges incl bright purple, not exactly ambient. I think the curve is a gimmick, but I would still prefer a well received OLED with better PQ than a TV thats twice its viewing size & plonked up against a wall. 

theraaaven's picture

on those legs i take it the

on those legs i take it the tv has magic no cables..............power hdmi aerial.................................

simonlewis's picture

I think it is ugly and would

I think it is ugly and would never consider buying one, i'll stick to my curved 55" thanks.

magicrabbit's picture

Not at all

Is this beautiful?
No. Not at all.

Peptdi's picture

Cables cables cables

Statement is in the title: so nuff said eh?

johnjay's picture


Is the curve no longer Samsungs biggest techno claim along with Nano-Crystals (Quantum dots)? 

On to the next re-branded "Revelation" lol.