Samsung’s 2015 Evolution Kit brings HDR to some 2014 TVs

The Evolution Kit, which originally launched back in 2013, is designed to keep ports and connections off the TV to make your set thinner and, crucially, make the upgrading process a lot easier: users only have to upgrade the Evo Kit instead of the whole TV.

The 2015 Evo Kit (SEK-3500U) has an octa-core processor and also brings with it the Tizen operating system, created in collaboration with Intel.

It also adds VP9 decoding to Samsung TVs, allowing users to stream YouTube in 4K Ultra HD.

But the latest Evolution Kit has also brought some unexpected updates to 2014 Samsung TVs such as the HU9000, HU8700 and HU8550.

Owners have reported on AVSForums that the upgrade has allowed the TVs to process the PQ format used for HDR content. They can’t support full HDR due to them being edge LED based, but HDR content can be viewed, with owners claiming to see an improvement over non-HDR content.

Samsung says the 2015 Kit works with the F9000, S9, and the HU6900 and above ranges of Ultra HD TVs. Support has been pledged for 2012 and 2013 HD sets, but so far there’s no Evolution Kit for these.

The SEK-3500 is available now in the US for $400 and will eventually make its way to Europe, where it will cost €399. Samsung hasn’t issued a European release date yet.

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(Source: Flat Panels HD and AVSForums)

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