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Save up to 27% on Roku TV sticks in Amazon sale

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Amazon is currently offering tasty savings on two of Roku's popular TV streamers.

The flagship, 4K and HDR-supporting Roku Streaming Stick+ is currently on sale at Amazon, dropping from $60 to just $39

Amazon is currently offering tasty savings on two of Roku's popular TV streamers. be snapped up for as little as $29.


Roku Streaming Stick+ $50 $39 at Amazon
The 4K- and HDR-supporting Streaming Stick+ is "an excellent all-rounder of a video streamer", as we stated in our four-star review. This well-performing, vastly-featured and easy-to-use Roku is a fine bargain for this money. 


Roku Premiere $40 $29 at Amazon
The Roku Premiere, which came to the US market last year, arrives as the cheapest Roku streamer to support 4K and HDR – so it will be able to stream 4K HDR content from channels such as Netflix and Amazon. We preferred the flagship Streaming Stick+, above, but again, this is a hefty discount... 

If your question is "does Roku Premiere give me access to apps that my TV doesn’t have?", the answer is probably "yes" – but check our full Roku Premiere review to make sure. If you do go down the apps-per-pound route, the Roku Premiere will appear high on your list of prospective purchases, not least because it gives you access to Apple’s unparalleled library of 4K HDR films.

The top-of-the-range Roku Streaming Stick+, meanwhile, is faster in operation and has dual-band (as opposed to single-band) wi-fi and a voice control-supporting remote. Under review, we concluded: "there’s no doubt the Roku Streaming Stick+ is a great device and, thanks to a large selection of apps and a neutral approach, one of the best of its type."

At these new low prices, there's an awful lot to like for very little money... 


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