Revo iBlik RS
New model combines iPod dock, DAB/DAB+, FM and internet radio, MP3 streaming and full alarm clock functions

British company Revo has added to its Blik product range, which already includes the DAB/DAB+/FM/internet streaming Radio Station, with two new models complete with iPod dock on the top.

That makes them complete music and radio solutions, retaining the futuristic styling of the original Blik model.

The £180 iBlick RadioStation combines the dock with DAB radio reception - including DAB+ -, FM RDS, access to over 11,000 internet radio stations and the ability to stream MP3 files from PCs or Macs.

At the heart of the unit is Frontier Silico's multi-standard Venice 6 receiver module, and the iBlik Radio Station also has full alarm functionality and a comprehensive remote control.

For those happy to use internet radio instead of DAB, the £130 iBlik Wi-Fi model does without the DAB/DAB+ reception, but still has the dock and streaming capabilities.

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Both models have a built-in speaker and outputs for connection to a hi-fi or home cinema system.

The iBlik RadioStation goes on sale on August 18th via John Lewis, Apple Store, Revo retailers or direct from Revo's online shop.

Meanwhile the iBlik Wi-Fi will be available from selected Currys and PC World stores, or again direct from Revo.