August speaker podcast,
You can get exceptional performance for your money from the latest batch of £500 standmount speakers. Find out which ones tickled our fancy in our August podcast

If you're after some standmount speakers on a budget of around £500, right now you can get truly superlative sounds for your hard-earned cash, as our August Group Test proved.

It was a fierce battle, with four of the contenders already holding the full five stars – Mordaunt-Short's Mezzo 2s and Epos' M12is are established favourites of ours, while Dynaudio's DM2/7 and EB Acoustics' EB1s aced their First Tests in May and June respectively.

And there are two new rivals in at the deep end: the latest instalment in Dali's Lektor range, the Lektor 3s, and some big bruisers from Klipsch in the form of the RB-81s.

To find out how they performed, and exactly what we though of each of the contenders in this closely-fought test, listen to our August podcast.