Rega launches Aria MK3 MM/MC phono stage

Rega Aria MK 3 phono stage now available to order
(Image credit: Rega)

First previewed at the Bristol Hi-Fi Show back in February alongside the Rega System One, the third-generation Aria phono stage is now available to order for £899.

Essentially a "face-lift model", the British brand's latest phono stage features the same internals found in the second-generation variant but encases them in a new design that matches the latest Rega electronics, including the Planar 10 power supply unit and Aethos amplifier. 

It sits between the Fono and Aura Reference models in the company's line-up.

The Aria MK3 is compatible with moving magnet and moving coil cartridges, with stages for each having their own power supplies, input sockets and pre-amplifier circuitry. This has allowed Rega to design bespoke circuitry for each, run off their own sub-power supply. 

The MC section has resistive input loading between 70ohms and 400ohms and capacitive loading between 1000pF and 4200pF. The Aria MK3's MC settings will be factory preset for all Rega MC cartridges.

The Rega Aria is a What Hi-Fi? Award winner of yore, so we look forward to hearing the updated model.


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