Quick! We doubt this superb LG G2 OLED TV deal will ever be beaten

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While we know most eyes are on LG's new 2024 OLED TV lineup, plenty of life remains in some of the brand's older TVs from a year or two ago. 

Take the G2, which was LG's flagship OLED TV for 2022. The 65-inch version cost £3300 when it first passed through our test rooms and this price tag positioned it firmly at the more premium end of the TV market. 

However, time passes, and prices tend to drop and we're now at that fantastic stage when you can pick up this set with a huge chunk of money wiped off the asking price.

Head over to Amazon and you'll find that the OLED65G2 is on sale for just £1088. That's a fantastic saving of over £2200 on a five-star TV that still holds its own against newer models from all the big brands.

LG OLED65G2 OLED TV £3300 £1088 at Amazon (save £2212) 

LG OLED65G2 OLED TV £3300 £1088 at Amazon (save £2212) 
What a bargain! This fantastic flatscreen impressed us during testing and at the full asking price of £3300 at launch. Now it's over £2200 cheaper yet still boasts. a bright, punchy and rich picture that won't disappoint!

During our original review of the OLED65G2, we thought it was a great example of a flagship flatscreen and at the time described it as "LG’s best OLED TV yet".

The G2 OLED is exceptional when it comes to brightness and contrast which helps pictures deliver a superb sense of three-dimensionality. The Cinematic Movement feature enables motion to be handled confidently and smoothly and the G2 is also great at upscaling – this means no matter the resolution of your source, you will be treated to a fantastic picture.

Sonically, the G2 is a good performer and more than capable of delivering movie soundtracks with a wide, clear soundstage and the LG can even add a hint of height effects thanks to its 7.1.2 upmixing feature. 

In terms of specifications, the LG includes four HDMI 2.1 sockets and support for Dolby Vision HDR at 4K/120Hz, which is great news for gamers and those of us with multiple 4K sources. The G2 has also been updated to support the 2023 version of LG's webOS interface.

You can also take advantage of AI-boosted image upscaling, a Dynamic Tone Mapping system to accurately map the light range of HDR sources, all powered by LG's capable Alpha 9 Gen 5 LG processor.

If you're looking to get your hands on an impressive OLED TV at a heavily discounted price, then the LG G2 should arguably be at the top of your shopping list.


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