Quad Revela speakers update 1940s tech in a modern package

Quad Revela speakers update 1940s tech in a modern package
(Image credit: Quad)

Quad's latest speakers pack updated versions of audio technologies originally seen in the British brand's first speaker system from 1949. And with thoroughly modern chassis, they're looking pretty good for 74.

The Revela 1 and 2 are Quad's first speakers since 2016. The former is a standmount speaker with a two-way driver confirmation, and the Revela 2 is a three-way floorstander. We first glimpsed them back at High End Munich in May, but now we have more information about them.

Key to both is the new Quad True Ribbon high-frequency driver. This debuted in Quad's first speaker system – 1949's Corner Ribbon – and has undergone many iterations in the decades since. This latest version took four years to develop.

By positioning a ribbon of thin aluminium foil within a strong magnetic field through which the audio signal flows, it avoids breakup modes and resonances typical of rival systems. Revela claims a "clean, detailed and pure output" along with "a realistic sense of space, depth and air."


(Image credit: Quad)

The mid/bass diaphragms are made of a new material called Reveal that Quad has created. A mix of wood pulp and artificial fibres, it apparently provides "superior bass control and smoothing upper-midrange resonances."

This diaphragm is incorporated into a driver built on a cast chassis and fitted with a high-power magnet and voice coils for greater sensitivity. The Revela 1 has a single 165mm mid/bass driver, with the Revela 2 boasting two 165mm drivers on bass duties with a 150mm unit handling the midrange.

A damping layer in the rubber surrounds absorbs reflections that would have caused resonances in the upper frequency range, while the drivers' output is combined via an Acoustic Butterworth crossover network that's been fine-tuned over hundreds of hours of listening tests to create a seamless blend between drive units.

Bass is helped by bass reflex ports that smooth airflow and increase the efficiency of the reflex system. And the speaker's cabinets use stressed and braced panels with generously radiused edges to reduce diffraction.

The Revela 1's optional speaker stands position the speaker at the optimal listening height, while also managing the effects of vibrations and sound reflections. The Revela 2 floorstanders come with carbon steel plinths, stainless steel spikes and spike seats.

Both speakers go on sale in September – they're £1799 per pair (about $2300 / AU$3500) for the Revela 1, and £3499 per pair (about $4500, AU$7000) for the Revela 2. Add in the floor stands, and the Revela 1 will cost £2499 (the stands are £799 per pair if bought separately). Both come in lacquered black or walnut finishes.

We're promised more new Quad audio electronics this year, presumably the Platina Series of separates we also saw at High End Munich.


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