Qobuz ditches MP3 and introduces a new streaming plan

(Image credit: Qobuz)

Music streaming service Qobuz has announced it will no longer stream in MP3 format, underscoring its commitment to high-quality audio by delivering only CD quality and above.

Given the service’s main draw is its unprecedented catalogue of high resolution files available for both streaming and download, it is perhaps no great surprise that Qobuz has decided to bin the lossy format.

In conjunction with this, there is also the introduction of the new Studio Premier plan, which for the first 100,000 subscribers who join by 31 May will be available for £14.99 a month or £149.99 for the year.

Subscribing to the Studio Premier tier will unlock all 50 million tracks in Qobuz’s catalogue, including more than 240,000 albums in hi-res FLAC up to 24-bit 192kHz, as well as exclusive editorial content and a free first-month trial.

Above that still sits the Sublime+ package, which will set you back £249.99 for the year, but on top of all the streaming offers substantial discounts on hi-res download purchases from the Qobuz store.

We’ve long admired Qobuz’s pursuit of great streamed sound, as well as its offering of digital purchases, and the audio quality of its hi-res streams really does stand up. One of our main caveats would be the blind spots in its catalogue, which aren’t limited only to the most obscure recordings, but a month’s free trial can be well used exploring what’s there and deciding whether it’s for you.

The new pricing of its Studio Premier plan only makes the deal sweeter, so we’d recommend being quick to decide whether you’d like to jump on board.

  • ajlm
    Great news that Qobuz finally introduced Studio Premier subscription & lower price in UK ( was done in USA in 2019).
    However it has not yet done the same in the rest of Europe. I wonder why not.