Q Acoustics to introduce 2000 Series speaker range in October

Q Acoustics 2010

Tony Jones, category manager at Q Acoustics, modestly claims the 2000 Series will be "the best affordable loudspeakers ever produced".

Every part of the new speakers is bespoke, says Jones, with an improved tweeter, bass/midrange drivers, magnets, cone materials and magnets.

All 2000 speakers use a 25mm ferro-fluid coiled tweeter with a micro polyester weave dome which is isolated from the front baffle. The cone material of the new bass/midrange drivers is a paper/Mica mixture.

Finite Element Analysis was used to create cones with an exceptionally frequency roll-off, says Q Acoustics.

And laser spectometry was employed to identify and then minimise cabinet resonances by using thicker panels, internal bracing and damping materials.

The Model 2070 subwoofer is a DSP-driven system with Class D ampliification. The sub's twin 17cm drive units are driven by two matched mono amplifiers, producing a combined 140W.

Available as standard in traditional Graphite Black and Walnut finishes, all the 2000 models can also be bought in Piano Gloss black and white finishes for a small extra cost.

The full Q Acoustics model range is as follows:

2010 £109.90/pr (graphite/walnut), £129.90 (gloss black/white)

2020 £139.90/pr (graphite/walnut), £159.90 (gloss black/white)

2050 £369.90/pr (graphite/walnut), £449.90 (gloss black/white)

2000C £99.90 each (graphite/walnut), £119.90 (gloss black/white)

2070 sub £229.90 each (graphite/walnut), £269.90 (gloss black/white)

2000 5.1 pack £549.90 (graphite/walnut), £649.90 (gloss black/white)

There's a full test of the Q Acoustics 2000 Series 5.1 system in our November issue, on sale next week, and we'll have an exclusive First Test of the Q Acoustics 2010 stereo speakers in the Awards issue of What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision, on sale from October 20th.