Expecting rain for the bank holiday? Best stay inside with some quality AV kit then… and Sevenoaks can help.

Since when did bank holidays become all about going to the DIY shop? And cutting the grass? And hoping you don’t hit an electrical cable when you’re drilling holes for those shelves?

No. This madness must stop. We must rise up as lovers of quality entertainment! Bank Holidays are for watching Bond films, and getting pleasantly filth-encrusted in the loft while you go through your old CDs. And drinking gallons of tea while you do it.

They’re for sitting down, relaxing and being entertained – which is why Sevenoaks Sound and Vision is laying on a special sale to help. Get some of this kit, wire it up and have a chuckle at poor old Colin next door, who’s frantically trying to finish creosoting his fence just as the rain starts to come on.

If only Colin knew about deals like…

Samsung UE40JU6400 40in 4K UHD TV   £695   (save £204) claim free Samsung HW-J355 Soundbar/Sub (worth £149)

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Polk TL1600                 5.1 Package     £149   (save £180) 

Yamaha RX-V677           AV Receiver     £299   (save £260)

Denon AVR-X4100         AV Receiver     £679   (save £620) 

Pioneer SC-LX88            AV Receiver     £1,799   (save £400) 

Hi-Fi package      

NAD C 516BEE CD player        

NAD C 316BEE amplifier

Q Acoustics 3020 speakers

Package Price £499 (Save £188)

Hi-Fi package 

Roksan Kandy K2 CD player

Roksan Kandy K2 BT amplifier

Package Price £1099 (Save £721)