Pro-Ject expands budget E-Line phono range with digital-friendly models

With the ongoing vinyl revival, we’ve seen ‘best of both’ solutions for combining analogue and digital sources: USB turntables that can both spin albums and record them digitally to a laptop or computer, and, at the other end of the modesty scale, the likes of Wrensilva's Sonos vinyl systems.

Pro-Ject seems to know the importance of such coexistence. It has recently launched new 'FlexiRange' Bluetooth-friendly decks featuring digital connections, and has today introduced two new phono stages with additional features for integrating a turntable into a digital system.

The Phono Box E BT can stream any input music signal – including that from any record player with a moving-magnet cartridge – to Bluetooth speakers or headphones at a range of up to 10m from the box.

The Optical Box E Phono, meanwhile, has an optical output for playing your vinyl or connected sources through, say, a soundbar or soundbase.

Both phono stages use the same phono pre-amplification circuitry. They have RCA inputs and a 3.5mm output, and can send a signal through the analogue and digital outputs simultaneously.

The Phono Box E BT and Phono Box E have the same black or white housing, which has been shielded with a metal interior for, Pro-Ject claims, protection against vibrations and radio-frequency interferences.

The Phono Box E BT and Optical Box E Phono cost £90 each and will be available in late November.

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