Pirelli P Zero Sound is a tyre-shaped Bluetooth speaker

Petrolheads, this one’s for you.

The P Zero Sound speaker is based on a half-size replica of the Italian tire manufacturer’s renowned P ZERO racing tyre, which is used by F1 teams on the half-size model cars for aerodynamic wind-tunnel testing.

Its 9.5kg construction comprises a 6.5in aluminum rim framing a 2.5cm silk tweeter and 10cm mid/bass driver. They're driven by 100 watts of power.

While the tyres are, naturally, black, you can choose the graphics in yellow, pink, orange, purple, red, green, white, blue or iced blue. There are also some choices between hard, intermediate and soft tyre treads.

What may get in the way of it gaining traction is its €2400 price sticker… but hey, it’s more affordable than the iXoost speaker made out of supercar exhaust pipes.


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Becky Roberts

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