Philips MCi5000
Christmas came early at the Philips product launch, with the company showcasing plenty of new products for us to look forward to in the coming year

First out of the traps from Philips was the MCi500, a wireless multiroom hi-fi system, following in the footsteps of the Streamium range of products.

On the surface it seems like a rather natty-looking micro system, complete with a CD player and smart speakers. But beneath the glossy outer shell lies a much more powerful machine.

Not only is there built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing you to stream music around your home network, there's also a 160GB hard disk drive.

This allows you to rip your tracks straight to the hard disk, with a a variety of formats and bitrates set to be on offer, and then send them whizzing around your home.

While tech details are a little thin on the ground, the MCi500 also boasts a handy USB input for direct recording and playback of your digital tunes.

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Due out in August, the Philips MCi500 is set to retail at around £500. Keep checking the website for more product news as and when we get it...