If conventional speakers, with their drivers and grilles, just don’t cut it anymore, then take a look at OMA's Imperia, which uses horns to propel sound to your ears.

Described as “the ultimate speaker from OMA”, the Imperia uses a four-way horn design, with a vertical array of conical horns. And it looks pretty crazy.

OMA claims to be the only company using conical horns with straight edges, as it believes they don’t “deform the spherical wave of sound created by the horn”.

The horns cover frequencies from 100Hz to 20kHz, while two rear-mounted subwoofer horns, using a 21in neodymium woofer, take care of low end frequencies from 20Hz to 100Hz.

The two wooden horns are made from solid Pennsylvania Black Walnut, Cherry or Ash wood, and the midrange uses a Cogent DS1428 field coil compression driver.

For the high frequencies, OMA has cast a horn from an aluminium alloy and the outboard crossover network is connected to the speaker via solid slate patchboard.

The price for the ultimate speaker? You can nab a pair of these horned speakers now for $280,000.

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Source: Uncrate via OMA


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Apart from the wild looks and ridiculous price...I wonder if they actually sound any good? I mean $280,000 good! If I were super rich I would audition them though.

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Horn speaker

What is the point of articles like this? Who can afford it, no one maybe George Osborne!

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Horn speaker

It's just meant to be a bit of fun, that's all. smiley

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Hifi is becoming a jetset thing. This kind of article just show us that this hobby don't want us anymore.

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I'm going to hook up a set as

I'm going to hook up a set as a doorbell 'chime' playing "Jolly Boating Weather" to welcome anyone who has passed security checks (and attack dogs) at my country place.

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I'll bet you my savings the

I'll bet you my savings the German AvantGarde Uno will sound a million times better, for fraction the the cost